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Transition – Pick and Go

Pick and Go

Transition – There is something inspirational and intriguing when it comes to the transition area in triathlon. If ever you have the opportunity, stop and watch the process from the swim to the cycle. [Read more…]

Report for Antwerp 2013

Lucas Verbist - cycle

Lucas Verbist – cycle

Report for the Antwerp Triathlon, June 23th, 2013

Since Antwerp is my home town I did not want to miss this opportunity to race on a flat course and at temperatures below the hot Lanzarote climate. [Read more…]

Volcano Triathlon 2013

Volcano Triathlon 2013 - Bike

Volcano Triathlon 2013 – Bike

28th Edition of the Volcano Triathlon held at Club La Santa in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

Yet another great day and well organised event with top triathletes taking part from all over Europe with names like Bert Jammer, Stephen Bayliss, Rasmus Petaeus, Belle Bayliss, Michelle Vesterby why wouldn’t you want to take part, so remember to add this to your calendar for next year. [Read more…]

TriKids Thailand 2012

As the Ironman athletes competed in Lanzarote a whole different triathlon was taking place just outside Bangkok, Thailand as TriAsia held their first TriKids Thailand Event at Bangpoo Golf Course, Samut Prakan. [Read more…]