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The ATC Sunset Team Time Trial

Sunset Team Trial

Sunset Team Trial

On March the 23rd, ATC Running will host their first club race; The ATC Sunset Team Time Trial . As usual, ATC likes to create different and not ‘run of the mill’ races, and hence the format of the team time trial. Each team will consist of 4 runners, and each runner will run 3kms. The beauty of this race is that it is through the new Urban Park in Green Park. It takes in the stadium, the pedestrian and cycle paths surrounding the parks, the new urban outdoor gym/fitness area and the Urban Park Amphitheatre.The event will be capped at 100 teams, so be sure to enter your team early as this race will fill up early. There is a beautiful grass area at the finish where we will be having ‘sundowners and picnics’. All details up on our website .

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