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Lanzarote Ironman 2013 Press Conference

Lanzarote Ironman 2013 Press Conference

Lanzarote Ironman 2013 Press Conference

The Lanzarote Ironman 2013 Press Conference was a more cagey affair this year, there was none of the bravado of the previous year and there was no triathlete who expressed their desire to win more so than Bella Bayliss.

The two-time winner on the Lanzarote course and 2nd in 2012, was able to express herself by saying that she was ‘Desperate to Win’

The British athlete, would ideally want to grab her 16th title sooner, rather than later and having stayed on the island for the past 8 months, she feels the only person who can beat her is herself. She cannot alter how her competitors perform on the day and she will be looking to be at her very best on the day.

Throw in the fact that you could say that her husband; Stephen Bayliss, who was 2nd in 2012, as well as one of the favourites for 2013 and we may just have a family affair, who hope to go one place better than last year.

Though, in the field we have the German, Faris Ali-sultan, who stated very simply that he is not here to be a tourist. It is his 4th time participating and is well aware of the island and particularly the bike course, and will be looking to make up for the misfortune of his South African experience earlier in the year.

Amongst the women, Spain’s Saleta Castro, is also looking to make up for her 11th placing in South Africa just over a month ago.

Canada’s Tara Norton, returns to Lanzarote after fulfilling her ‘different project in the works, read baby daughter. A fan of the island and the race, she hopes for a podium finish and is geared to race to her strengths on a course that suits her ability.

Phillip Graves returns to the island to complete his unfinished business with the course and after last year’s blitz of the cycle leg, he has taken a more conservative approach in his self-presentation at the press conference, I for one expect the usual fireworks from this talented athlete.

Belguim’s Bert Jammer is looking to improve on his 4th place of 2012, and his quiet confidence should give anyone with a Fiver ample opportunity for decent sort of wager. The man knows how to win and race on this course and is another who is a great fan of the island and the event.

One of the great attractions of the press conference; and maybe even the event, is the appearance Gordon Haller, the winner of the first Ironman Triathlon in 1978.

The requests for photos with this iconic triathlete was a joy to watch, as he commandeered his presence during and after the press conference, as well as during the process of registering his race bike. It was certainly a great pleasure to see how many people acknowledged his presence, thanking him for what he has done for the sport.

The athlete himself, is well reserved yet presentable at exactly the right time, an Ambassador for the Sport of the highest order.

Certainly a highlight to my day having spent time with him as well as having watched the response of the other participants out there.

A great event beckons

(further images to follow as well as a short report on the Iron Kids)

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